Lip Crush Lip Balm with Beeswax, Shea Butter & Castor Oil

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  • Description
  • Moisturiser in lip balm , such as the highly emollient can help prevent or fill fine lines on or around mouth.

  • Ingredient
  • Ingredients of Lip Crush Lip Balm

    The formulation of lip balm with beeswax comprises all-natural ingredients so that you can take care of your lips perfectly. This lip balm contains natural emollient components that enable you to keep them moisturized and soft all the time.

    It also contains:

    •         Shea butter
    •         Castor oil
    •         Sunflower oil
    •         Strawberry extract
    •         Beeswax

    As you can see, all these major components of our Lip Crush are 100% natural. Hence, the moisturizing and emollient effects come straight from nature. There will be no harmful effect on the lips and the surrounding facial skin.

  • Benefits
  • The benefits of lip balm with shea butter

    Shields lips from the elements Helps in protecting your lips from sun’s harsh rays.

    1. Omega 6 fatty acids

    The formulation of this lip balm contains Omega 6 fatty acids. This type of fatty acid will enable the tissues underneath your lip skin to rejuvenate faster and avoid forming fine lines. It will also ensure that your lip line remains free from wrinkles and remains plump all the time.

    2. It contains vitamins A, D, and E

    We cannot produce or store these fat-soluble vitamins in our tissues. The lip balm we have prepared will serve as a unique source of these vitamins. They will be easily absorbed due to this formula's oil and butter base.

    The vitamins in this formulation act as natural antioxidants and promote various cellular regeneration functions. Your lips will remain healthy and plump due to faster cell regeneration and rejuvenation.

    3. Good formula for dried and chapped lips

    You can use this lip balm formula with castor oil in all seasons. It is ideal for those who always suffer from dry and chapped lips, especially in the winter. The emollient effect of this formula will trap moisture from the inside and keep the delicate tissues healthier.

    4. Dark lips! No problem!

    Get rid of the dark coloration on your lips and make them look younger. This lip balm for dry lips is perfect for enhancing the color tone of your darkened lips. It will also protect them from harsh sun rays and pollution.

    Get the best lip balm for dark lips

    Our sweetened and strawberry extract-based lip balm is the best component of your beauty regime. You can apply it anywhere, anytime, and keep your lips hydrated. The fragrance and taste of this formula are also perfect for your personality. Get this lip balm at the best price and enjoy flaunting your beautiful lips!

  • FAQs
  • 1. What exactly does lip balm do to your lips?

    Ans: All lip balms, even those labeled as salves or butter, are designed to protect the lips. They have a moisturizing substance in them that stops water loss. Wax is added to assist the lip balm in adhering to the lips.

    2. Can I apply lip balm daily?

    Ans: You should strive to use lip balm sparingly. Some dermatologists believe excessive use may cause your lips to cease producing natural oils.

    3. Are your lip balms safe?

    Ans: Yes, they are completely safe since they carry skin-friendly ingredients.

    4. Can I apply lip balm at night?

    Ans: During the night, as you sleep, the skin cells on your lips rejuvenate. Wearing lip balm at this time helps nourish your lips while providing an extra layer of protection to the new skin cells.

  • About Product
  • The Silverdene Luxury’s lip crush strawberry lip balm for beautiful plump lips

    Your lips are a significant part of your facial structure that people observe when you talk to them. Its shape and plumpness matter a lot for your beautiful face. Apart from taking good care of your facial skin, you will need the love of our strawberry lip balm to keep your lips looking beautiful.

    Our Lip Crush lip balm is a handy container you can carry anywhere. You can apply it anytime you want to keep your lips from drying and maintain a youthful appearance.