Saffron Glow

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  • 100% Genuine products
  • Paraben Free
  • Sulphate Free
  • Good Quality
  • Description
  • Benefits
  • How to use?
  • Ingredients
  • FAQS
  • About Product
  • Description
  • Get rid of rough Skin.
    The glory of saffron for flawless skin.
    For velvety n silky touch with a blush glow

    Is this for me?
    Suitable for dry skin

    Form & Texture?
    Refreshing & cream base

    How It Feels?
    Cream-based for deep hydration

  • Benefits
  • Benefits of Our Saffron Kesar Cream

      • Increase skin elasticity
      • Anti-ageing
      • De-pigmentation
      • Skin lightening
      • Skin brightening
      • Wrinkle reduction
      • Proper nourishment of facial skin cells

    Saffron is packed with exceptional natural ingredients that offer an exceptional boost to your skin cell growth. We procure the best species of Indian saffron to develop the 100% genuine and natural formulation of our Saffron face cream. We ensure that your facial skin gets what it deserves from our cream formulation.

      • Antimicrobial properties

    The natural ingredients of saffron will treat facial breakouts. It has exceptional antimicrobial power that can reduce the formation of acne to a considerable extent. On using this cream, the pores in your skin will open up, allowing a proper flow of the natural oil produced inside the tissues. It means there will be no clogging, resulting in a reduced formation of pimples and acne.

      • Perfect for skin inflammation, redness, soreness, and sunburns

    It might happen that your skin gets burned due to increased exposure to the sun. Rest assured that our Kesar cream for face will take care of the blemishes and sunburns. The excess tan on your facial skin will be reduced to a minimum, resulting in a younger look.

    The inflamed skin often forms red spots, soreness, etc. We have incorporated the goodness of saffron in the cream to offer a soothing effect on such developments. Worry not, as the natural soothing and calming effect of saffron will help your skin rejuvenate faster.

      • Tackling blemishes and spots and skin lightening

    The development of blemishes and spots due to over-pigmentation or for other reasons can also be eliminated with regular use of this cream. The natural ingredients of the best Indian saffron present in our exclusive Saffron Glow cream will help you tackle blemishes and spots.

    All you have to do is to apply it on a regular basis to see the spots and blemishes vanish in due course of time. Make sure you are using our exfoliating scrub for face before applying this cream. It will help you reduce the spots and blemishes faster.

      • Scars healing

    As mentioned earlier, Kesar or saffron is a natural healer. Our cream will also help you get rid of the scars on your skin to a considerable extent. Rest assured that the scars developed due to deep acne, pimples, or any other anomalous reason can be tackled using our Kesar face cream.

    Scars do take time but can be reduced to a minimum when your skin becomes plumper and younger. Apply this cream along with our acne scar removal serum to get better results.

      • Stronger hydration effect

    Our cream will hydrate skin cells deeper in the tissues. It will accelerate skin cell regeneration and rejuvenation. Due to the plumping effect, fine lines and wrinkles will be considerably reduced. 

    A peachy glow from kesar glow face cream.

    Use our Kesar face cream with our other 100% dermatological products daily to get rid of aging symptoms. You will observe how your facial skin age reduces and makes you look younger. This cream also helps your skin to get a lighter tone on regular use. Get the best deals for skin care products online here and make us your beauty regime partner. Some of the products we deal with are-

  • How to use?
      • Wash your face with our facewash
      • Tone it with our toner let it absorb it in the skin.
      • Apply an appropriate amount of Saffron glow and have a nice sleep.
  • Ingredients
  • The cream is completely genuine and is sulfates and paraben-free.

    How to use our kesar face cream?

    • Wash your face properly with our Kesar face wash.
    • Keep it dry and apply toner and let it settle down.
    • Wait for a few minutes, and then apply our Kesar cream to your face. Don't rub it. Apply it gently and let it settle before you go to sleep.
  • FAQS
  • 1. Can I use the Kesar face cream after using the Tomato face wash?

    Ans: Yes! You can use our luxurious tomato face wash formula and then apply the cream gently before you go to sleep.

    2. Can this cream be applied during the daytime?

    Ans: Avoid applying this cream during the daytime. Freshen up and remove dirt from facial skin to let the cream get absorbed faster. This formula heals your facial skin well when you are resting.

    3.Can this cream tackle aging symptoms?

    Ans: This cream has the anti-aging ingredients of saffron to tackle fine lines, wrinkles, and other aging symptoms.

    4.Are all your products' natural ingredients filled?

    Ans: Yes, we use natural extract products, ensuring you get completely natural ingredient products.

  • About Product
  • Give your face the right saffron glow with kesar cream for face

    Saffron or Kesar has been the prime ingredient of natural skincare formulas used for centuries. We are proud to present our 100% natural Kesar cream for face with the benefits of saffron in it. This cream has been designed to deliver the best natural effects of skin rejuvenation and repair for your facial skin cells.

    It seldom happens that we do not get proper rest and can't maintain a good diet. It affects the glow of your facial skin first. If this continues on a regular basis, your skin will lose its youthful glow. To revive the glow and help your skin by removing pigmentation and spots, we offer the best part of your daily beauty regime.