What is the Difference Between Freckles vs. Melasma?

What is the Difference Between Freckles vs. Melasma?

Freckles and melasma affect a lot of women. In this blog post, you will learn the difference between them, the types of freckle removal products to use, and a lot of other related things. Keep on reading to know more!

What are Freckles? 

Freckles are small, flat marks on the skin that are typically tan or light brown in colour. They are caused by an increase in melanin, the pigment that gives colour to our skin, due to exposure to sunlight. Freckles tend to appear on areas of the body that receive high amounts of sunlight, such as the face, arms and shoulders. 

Types of Freckles 

There are two common types of freckles: ephelides and lentigines. Ephelides are tiny, light brown, flat patches that form throughout the summer and frequently fade or disappear over the winter. They are caused by an increase in melanin formation in reaction to UV exposure. Melanin is the pigment that gives skin its colour. Lentigines, on the other hand, are larger and more irregularly shaped than ephelides. They do not fade in winter and can be found anywhere on the body regardless of sun exposure. Lentigines are caused by an increase in cells that produce melanin) in a localized area of skin. 

What is Melasma?

Melasma is a common dermatological condition that primarily affects women during their reproductive years. This skin disorder is characterized by the development of brownish, greyish-brown, or blue-grey patches on the face, particularly on the cheeks, forehead, and upper lip. It arises due to the increased production of melanin - a pigment that gives colour to our skin - by the melanocytes in response to hormonal changes triggered by pregnancy, birth control pills, or menopause. 

Types of Melasma

The three main types of melasma are epidermal, dermal, and mixed. Epidermal melasma affects the top layer of skin and presents as brown or tan patches with well-defined borders. Dermal melasma involves deeper layers of skin and appears as bluish-grey patches with fuzzy edges. Mixed melasma is a combination of both epidermal and dermal types, resulting in a mix of dark brown/tan and bluish-grey discolouration with semi-defined borders.

Differences between Freckles and Melasma

Freckles and melasma are two distinct skin concerns that are often confused with each other. Freckles, scientifically known as ephelides, are small, light brown spots that appear on the skin as a result of sun exposure. They primarily occur in individuals with fair skin and lighter hair colouration. Melasma, on the other hand, is a pigmentary disorder characterized by dark patches that usually appear on the face but can also occur in other areas of the body. This condition is most commonly observed among women of reproductive age and those who have a genetic predisposition towards it.

What causes freckles?

Freckles are usually caused by an increase in pigment production in the skin called melanin. Melanin is produced by special cells called melanocytes, which protect the skin from UV radiation damage by absorbing it. 

Other factors that can influence freckle development include hormonal changes during puberty or pregnancy, exposure to intense sunlight, and certain medications or medical conditions that alter hormone levels or skin sensitivity to sunlight. 

Prevention of Freckles and Melasma

Prevention of freckles and melasma requires a combination of sun protection measures, skincare practices, and lifestyle changes. In the skincare routine, using gentle exfoliating scrub for face and daily usage of products containing vitamin C, such as a Vitamin C day cream, may lessen pigmentation disorders' appearance. Avoiding peak UV hours and wearing protective clothing can also reduce exposure risks.

Best Freckle Removal Cream

Finding the right freckle removal cream is essential for getting rid of freckles without any difficulties. Our range of freckle removal creams at Silverdene is both effective and safe for use. Listed below are some of our best freckle-removal creams:

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The skin regeneration hydration cream is a skin regeneration cream, and applying it will help you in the effective removal of freckles. The cream is suitable for oily skin and helps in softening the skin and remove wrinkles.

2) Saffron Glow

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With the goodness of saffron, this kesar face cream can help you get rid of freckles and help you get flawless skin. The Saffron Glow cream is suitable for dry skin.

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Vitamin C is scientifically proven to help in the removal of freckles. Applying the Vitamin C Day Cream will help you remove freckles and also get naturally brighter-looking skin. The cream is suitable for normal to dry skin. 

4) Luxurious Eternal Glow Exfoliating Scrub

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Exfoliating on a regular basis can work wonders for getting rid of freckles. Using the Luxurious Exfoliating Scrub for your face can help you say goodbye to freckles and is suitable for all skin types.

Best Freckle Removal Serum

Just like freckle removal creams, we at Silverdene also have a great collection of safe and effective freckle removal serums. Some of our freckle removal serums best are listed below:

1) Face Serum- It Knows What’s Missing

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The 24K Gold Fairness Face Serum is a water-based and lightweight serum that can assist you in effectively getting rid of freckles. The 24K Gold Face Serum is suitable for all skin types and can also fight fine lines and wrinkles.

Treating Freckles and Melasma

Treating freckles and melasma requires a combination of professional-grade skincare products. Evaluate your skin type, and choose the ones that will be most suitable for your skin type from our range of freckle removal creams and serums at Sliverdene.


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