Vitamin C Day Cream

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  • Things to Know
  • Benefits
  • How to use?
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  • About Product
  • Description
  • Welcome skin whitening

    Provides rich hydration and helps reset naturally brighter looking skin. It helps promote the production of collagen and helps fight free radical damage, giving you naturally brighter looking skin. The lightweight texture quickly absorbs into the skin and intensely hydrates the skin.

    Is this for me?
    Suitable for normal to dry skin

    Form & Texture?
    Refreshing & cream base

    How It Feels
    Hydrating and light weight cream having spf30

  • Things to Know
  • It contains a highly purified fraction of HRGPs glycopeptides obtained from soya which is gifted with a powerful and targeted efficacy on collagen I synthesis. It soothes the surface microrelief and reduces crow’s feet wrinkles. Contributes to cell and tissue longevity.

    It has an active ingredient that improves the skin radiance of tired and intoxicated skin and limits the signs of ageing by smoothing microrelief and wrinkles.

    Protects from damage: The high amount of limonene helps protect your skin from damage inflicted by pollution, smoke, and sun rays.

    Improves the appearance of pores: The orange oil in it has an astringent effect on the skin that helps tighten pores and regulate sebum levels.

    Anti-Ageing Properties: Due to its antioxidant properties, orange oil can help slow down skin ageing by minimizing free radical damage.

    Reduces inflammation: The anti-inflammatory nature of this essential oil helps reduce redness and swellings.

    Improves Radiance: By boosting blood flow to the skin, orange oil helps deliver essential nutrients to the skin and thereby imparts a healthy glow.
    Deodorizes skin: The uplifting, pleasant aroma of orange essential oil can help neutralize bad body odour.

    Increases clarity: orange oil can help improve skin clarity and even out skin tone by reducing blemishes.

    Promotes wound healing: Due to its high antioxidant content, this oil can help support healthy collagen production for healing wounds faster. It also helps prevent wounds from getting septic with its antimicrobial effect.

  • Benefits
  • How can our Vitamin C day cream benefit you?

    • Detoxification
    • Skin whitening & brightening
    • Wrinkle reduction
    • Collagen booster
    • Protects from damage caused by Sun-rays, pollution & smoke.
    • Reduces inflammation
    • Anti-ageing
    • Protecting from Damage: The high concentration of limonene protects your skin from pollution, UV rays, and smoke. So the next time you apply the vitamin c face cream and step out of your home, you don't have to worry about the same.
    • No More Pores: It contains orange oil, which has an astringent effect on dry and oily skin, helping to constrict pores and regulate sebum levels. Furthermore, because of its antioxidant characteristics, orange oil can help slow skin aging by reducing free radical damage. These features make our skin care products online the best compared to others.
    • Improved Radiance: Orange oil helps give critical nutrients to the skin and imparts a healthy shine by increasing blood flow to the skin.
    • Deodorizes skin: The uplifting, pleasant aroma of orange essential oil helps eliminate undesirable body odors.
    • Helps in Healing Wounds: Due to its high antioxidant concentration, extract oil can aid in the synthesis of healthy collagen, which aids in the healing of wounds. In addition, its antibacterial action also aids in the prevention of septic wounds.
  • How to use?
  • How to Use Vitamin C Face Cream?

    • Wash your face with our facewash
    • Tone it with our toner let it absorb it in the skin.
    • Apply an appropriate amount of vitamin C Day Cream and you are ready to go.

    Our vitamin C cream for skin whitening is easy to apply on a daily basis. Below are the steps:

    • Wash your face using our Facewash for a few minutes.
    • Tone your face using our toner so it can absorb well into the skin.
    • Apply this vitamin C day cream and then step out.

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  • Ingredients
  • Along with extracts of vitamin C elements, our vitamin C cream for skin whitening comprises a highly purified small fraction of HRGPs glycopeptides derived from soya, having a powerful effect on collagen synthesis. It minimizes crow's feet wrinkles and calms the surface micro-relief. Furthermore, it contributes to the lifespan of cells and tissues.

  • FAQS
  • 1. What results can I expect from the Vitamin C skin cream?

    Ans: Silver Dene Luxury's vitamin C cram for skin is perfect for oily and dry skin. If you have damaged cells or pores, then our cream helps repair the same. The cream will help in toning up and protecting against UV rays.

    2. What are the ingredients in your skin cream?

    Ans: Our products include natural extract oils. Besides, it provides substantial hydration and helps to restore naturally brighter-looking skin. It promotes collagen formation and fights free radical damage, resulting in naturally brighter skin. The lightweight texture instantly dissolves into the skin and moisturizes it intensely.

    3. What are the uses of Silver Dene Luxury Vitamin C Face Cream?

    Ans: Our Vitamin C face cream offers multiple benefits for all types of skin. It helps restore the natural radiance, treats pores, improves skin color, eliminates dark spots, and has other benefits.

    4. Is it suitable for dry skin?

    Ans: Yes, our skin cream offers benefits for both dry and oily skin. So you can apply accordingly.

  • About Product
  • When it comes to treating your skin problem, different methods guarantee to give a better result. Vitamin C is one of them, showing magical skin results. Creams that contain vitamin C can help overcome skin problems, enhance immunity, and protect against cancer and other issues. We at Silverdene Luxury offer the best quality Vitamin C cream for skin whitening available at the best price. Vitamin C is present in our skin. However, the availability is lower due to heavy exposure to pollution and UV rays, resulting in skin issues. Applying Vitamin C day cream to the skin will work. 

    If you have an oily or dry face and pimples, then the vitamin C skin rejuvenation cream from Silverdene luxury will work best in all senses. It repairs the entire skin and boosts collagen production. Moreover, it further reduces acne and dark spots on the skin. Our Vitamin C cream for dry skin is perfect for all seasons.