Best Oil Control Cream and Serum for Oily Face

Best Oil Control Cream and Serum for Oily Face

Taking care of oily skin is very important and may be challenging for some people as oily skin is more acne-prone and breakout. If your skin is also oily, then it would be best to add oil-control products to get flawless, glowy, and youthful skin. Numerous oil-control skincare products allow different benefits; oil-control creams and serums work best to eliminate the issues associated with oily skin. 

Oil control cream is designed for blemishes and oily skin to normalize oil production and prevent related issues. On the other hand, oil control face serum works exceptionally to fade the appearance of dark spots and marks, decongest pores, reduce blemishes, and allow brighter and oil-free skin. However, this guide will help you know the best oil-control face cream and serum so you can get rid of your oily skin and flaunt your skin in front of everyone. 

Best Oil Control Face Cream

1. Rose Yogurt 

Rose Yogurt oil control cream by Silverdene Luxury is a remarkable skin care product that allows numerous benefits to the skin. It is an ideal blend of roses and other natural ingredients to eliminate oil production and control oil. It is lightweight and smooth and helps to make skin feel fluffy and buttery. This Rose yogurt for acne and oil control cream suits oily and combination-type skin. It is the best remedy for people with scars and acne. The antibacterial properties of this cream work perfectly by removing excess oil on the skin, controlling pimples and acne, and protecting from harmful sun rays. 

2. Luxurious Eternal Glow Exfoliate Scrub 

Silverdene Luxury Eternal Glow Exfoliating Scrub for the face is specially formulated for people with ultra-sensitive skin to control oil. The Jojoba beats in this exfoliating scrub are very effective and gentle as it effortlessly removes dead skin cells, removes tan, unclog pores, instantly detoxifies, soothes skin, and enhances the appearance of the skin. Eternal Glow exfoliating scrub is very effective, does not cause any harm to the skin, and makes skin look brighter in a single use. 

Best Oil Control Face Serum

3. Anti Acne and Scars Serum 

Anti-acne and scars serum by Silverdene Luxury is an ideal way to get through oily skin. This serum's anti-inflammatory properties help restrict bacterial growth in the pores, which helps reduce acne. Acne Scars Removal Serum is a non-sticky and water-based serum that feels refreshing and lightweight on the skin. It also allows hydration to the skin so that skin becomes plump, supple, and soothing, and it reduces acne scars. It is also very effective in controlling acne, acne oil, wrinkles, fine lines, and aging, minimizing pores, and boosting collagen. Regularly using this oil-control face, serum helps make facial skin look youthful, glowy smooth, and hydrated. 

How to Use Oil Control Face Cream and Face Serum?

Every skincare product works best when one uses it correctly. Thus, you must also follow the below step to use oil control face cream and serum correctly and get the best possible result. 

  • First, cleanse your skin and exfoliate it with the scrub to remove all impurities and excess oil from the skin and dry the skin. 
  • Take an appropriate amount of product. 
  • Then apply the oil control serum directly on the skin and dab it gently with fingertips so it can quickly and easily absorb.
  • When serum is absorbed, and the skin is dry, gently apply a small amount of cream all over the face.