Which Is Better, Under Eye Cream or Serum?

Which Is Better, Under Eye Cream or Serum?

For individuals searching for remedies for their under-eye bags, dark circles, or fine lines, the question of whether to use an eye serum or eye cream is intriguing. Also, for individuals who desire to take proactive steps to stop the development of age-related facial changes. Which of those is best for you? The fact that there are several skincare products available adds to this uncertainty! It can be unclear what to use—or even whether to use anything—to improve your skin. The most confusing distinction is between eye serum and cream, often called "lotion." There are under-eye creams for fine lines and a serum that can benefit everyone equally. This article gives you insight into both to help you decide which is the best.

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Understanding the difference

Thick or watery?

When using both, the texture will be the easiest aspect to identify. Since both contain a good quantity of oils and fats and a lower proportion of watery ingredients, eye creams are heavier and thicker. Eye serums, on the other hand, have a low viscosity and practically flow like water.

Surface versus deeper

Both products' modes of action are completely dissimilar. Eye creams provide skin-surface treatment and are typically applied to the area around your eyes to moisturize them and keep them looking fresh-faced. Rarely, they might contain active compounds with benefits, but the bigger molecule sizes of the chemicals constrain the overall skin absorption. The heavier components coat your skin with a barrier that keeps the moisture inside. Although this is excellent for securing moisture, it may also exclude active substances.

Eye serums function entirely differently. They contain enough active substances that are supposed to be completely absorbed into your skin. These active substances have relatively small molecules, which helps with rapid absorption. Their application leaves no residue on the skin's surface, and their treatment begins beneath your epidermis.

Skin type: The most important difference between the two

Your choice of eye cream mostly depends on how your skin behaves on the surface, whether the product is dry, oily, or mixed skin. All skin types can use eye serums; the only artificial allergens that should be avoided are those creating more damage than benefits.


Eye creams are typically inexpensive but need to be applied more frequently because most of them contain fillers and are expensive. You can check out under-eye cream for fine lines. Eye serums have collagen-boosting proteins and nutrient-rich and super-rich substances that absorb deeply into your skin. Even though they are expensive, only a tiny amount is needed. Typically, a 30 ml bottle lasts for six months.

The choice of an eye serum depends on your skincare objectives, such as eliminating dark circles under the eyes, reducing puffiness around your eyes, or getting rid of wrinkles or age spots. Since the skin quickly absorbs them, they often work for all skin types. It is important to read the information mentioned regarding ingredients before using Eye Serums because the active biomolecules are essential to their effectiveness.