Benefits of Kesar Face Cream

Saffron, also called Kesar, has some of the healthiest effects on our skin. This crimson flower has pharmacological, therapeutic, and antibacterial qualities. It also makes our skin appear vibrant and luminous when we use it regularly. This traditional Kashmiri spice, which is more expensive than gold, is mainly used for cooking as a seasoning or coloring ingredient.

Saffron on the face has kept its unique position among the several skincare components we frequently encounter on store shelves or our social media feeds. This crimson spice, known as Kesar in India, can often be found in our kitchens and nearby Ayurvedic shops. Many face creams carrying Kesar ingredients can significantly impact your face. One such example is The Silver Dene Luxury's saffron glow. It comes with multiple benefits, including-

  • Increasing Skin Elasticity and killing pores
  • Anti-aging
  • Skin Lightening
  • Wrinkle Reduction

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Other than these, Kesar face cream can bring more benefits, including:

  • Microbial resistance

Facial blemishes can be treated using saffron's all-natural components. It has excellent antibacterial properties that can significantly lessen the development of acne. Once you apply the cream, your skin's pores will open, allowing the natural oil to flow, which usually accumulates within the tissue. It means there won't be any clogging, making zits and acne less likely to happen.

  • Helps to lessen pigmentation and sunburn

Your skin could burn if you are exposed to the sun more frequently. You can relax knowing that the Kesar cream can treat sunburns and brighten your overall skin. Your facial skin's excess tan will be minimized, giving you a younger appearance.

  • Helps to heal scars

Using Kesar face cream regularly helps scars heal, which is one of the best things about it. If your face has major scars, keep applying the cream regularly. Also, you can use the Kesar face cream to treat scars from severe acne or any other strange cause. While scars take time to fade, they can be kept to a minimum as your skin gets younger and plumper. If you want the best result, use this cream with our acne scar removal serum.

  • Works as a shield from UV rays

Since our skin is quite delicate, there is a huge chance of it getting affected by UV rays. It is crucial to defend it against damaging environmental stressors like UV radiation and pollutants. This unusual Ayurvedic spice has natural antioxidants like Vitamin C that protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals and the environment. Saffron face lotion, enriched with essential vitamins and minerals, will treat sun damage and fight signs of aging.

  • Helps to brighten up the skin

Kesar is recognized for having skin-brightening qualities. This flower's anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effects improve the facial look by promoting blood flow. By increasing firmness and collagen production, the Kesar face cream helps to speed up skin regeneration.

  • Help to wound scars

Saffron is one of the strong ingredients that can help to wound healing and acts as an internal antiseptic, making it an efficient skin recovery agent—promoting cell turnover by using a saffron cream for skin whitening aids in cleaning and repairing the afflicted region.

  • Eliminates Ingrown hair

Many people face facial hair growth, which can be ugly. If you meet the same criteria, it is best to start applying Kesar face skin. Creams that exfoliate remove the top layer of skin cells. It makes it easier to get rid of ingrown hairs, and soothing and moisturizing treatments make the skin soft and smooth.


Overall, Kesar has many benefits that could give your face a new look and make it look refreshing. So start applying now.